Program extracts any number of columns (and in any order) out of a machine readable table using the information in the metaheader. The program can be used to create a new table from the original machine-readable table that is Tab delimited and thus easily read into spreadsheet programs like EXCEL. The options flags that are Currently available are:

The last arguement has to be the machine readable file.

The syntax is:

extractcols.pl -opt1 .... -opt# file

extractcols.pl -opt1 .... -opt# file > newfile

to capture the output to a file called newfile.

Program has been sucessufully compiled and tested with Perl v5.6.0 built for sun4-solaris running on a SUN Ultra 10. NOTE YOU MUST CHANGE THE FIRST LINE IN THIS CODE TO POINT TO THE LOCAL VERSION OF PERL ON YOUR MACHINE FOR THIS TO WORK!

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