The AAS Journal's LaTeX/AASTeX table creator

(Version 1.0)

This webpage takes typed or uploaded data and formats it into a standard LaTeX/AASTeX style table. There are currently no options to implement some of the more sophisticated options such as the multicolumn header or data span. However, the user may alway modify the final LaTeX/AASTeX table into a more advanced one.

In this first window you provide the table data and indicates how the program is to read it. When you are finished hit the "Continue" button to move on to the page that sets up the table header. Use the buttons below to load in examples of different styles of tables and see gif images of the output. The ``Reset'' button will clear all of the fields and close the example gif window.

A pre-formatted file with tablenotemarks flags for footnotes.
A tab delimited file with the nodata (...) flags.
A space delimited file with two columns containing pm (+/-) commands.

Input the table data

  1. Either cut and paste your data into the large text window below


    upload your data file (with its full pathway) into the text line below. Use the "Browse" button to search your computer's file system. Remove the data above if you are going to use this feature.

  2. Indicate how to interpret the data given in step 1. The two choices supported are formated or delimited. Click on the appropriate option for your dataset.

    Formated. Also enter each column's width in the text line below. Remember to include any blanks between two columns in the left column's width and to separate each column's width using a comma.
    Tab delimited
    Comma delimited
    Space delimited. Make sure any unnecessary leading or trailing space in each line are removed before submitting otherwise extra columns will be inserted in the final table.