AAS Journal's online only Figure Set mark up tool

(Version 1.0)

To facilitate the figure set linking available in the navigation table the online only figures and associated information need to be placed in new AASTeX/LaTeX mark up specifically designed for figure sets. This webpage creates this LaTeX mark up. Begin by entering the required information in the text boxes below and uploading a translation table for your figures. A translation table relates each online only figure in the figure set to its own descriptive identification which is then used as the link name in the navigation table. Each line in the table has one figure name and one link name separated by either an ampersand or a tab. Each figure should be name following the naming convention of fX_Y.eps where "X" is the figure set number and "Y" is a number for each subfigure. A sample table is provided in the example below. The output of the tool is the LaTeX mark up which can be copied to a computer and merged directly into a ms.tex file. The first figure in the translation table is used as the example figure in the print and PDF versions. It is also repeated as the first figure in the figure set.

An example figure set is provided via the button at the top of the tool. Clicking on the example button will fill in the text boxes with information for a figure set containing the first 10 objects in the Messier catalog. You will also need to download the example translation table which can be obtained via this link. Copy the table to your computer and use it in the upload box before hitting the Continue button. To see how this example mark up would appear in the electronic edition click on this link. The catalog is set up as Figure set 2 with M1 as the example for the print edition. The other 9 Messier objects would only appear in the electronic edition.

Integrate the output file into your latex manuscript accordingly to the instructions at the top of the output file. Please note that the main purpose of the figure set mark up is not to render the figures in print/pdf editions but rather let the copy editor know how to set the figures up in the electronic edition. Thus when you ''latex'' a manuscript with figure set mark up no figures in the mark up will be shown. All you will see is the figure set title offset on its own page. This is normal. You will have to include an example figure representing the figure set outside of the figure set mark up using regular figure techniques. You will have a chance to ''proof'' all electronic only items when you receive your regular paper proofs from the publishers.

For the figure set, please supply:
A general title for the entire figure set,
The figure number of the figure set,
The number of sub figures in the figure set,
A figure caption for each subfigure.
Upload a translation table and
Indicate the type of delmiter used. Ampersands or Tabs
Click here to produce the output latex mark up.

If you experience problems or have questions, please contact Dr. Greg Schwarz at Greg.Schwarz"at"aas.org.