ApJ Letters Manuscript Length Calculator

(Version 1.0)

This length calculator may be used by authors to determine if their AASTeX manuscripts fit within the ApJ Letters length limits. The ApJ Letters staff will use this same calculator when they check the length of the submitted manuscript. This estimation tool depends on consistent use of AASTeX; authors are strongly discouraged from defining custom markup with \newcommand or \def, particularly when suitable commands already exist within AASTeX. Manuscripts using non-standard LaTeX or not conforming to ApJL author guidelines may be returned to author to be revised using standard AASTeX/LaTeX.

Submissions of manuscripts in Word or RTF will use the Word Count feature available in MS Word to determine the word count.

The length limits for ApJ Letters manuscripts (applying to all new submissions beginning Oct 15, 2008) are:

Manuscript sectionMaximum
Abstract length250 words
Total Figures and Tables5
Manuscript length3500 words
Machine readable tables1

Follow these three steps to check your ApJL paper:

  1. Upload your ms.tex file. Note that external tables or figures must be part of the uploaded file, e.g. no \input or \bibliography calls

  2. Output verbosity:

    Minimumal output. Basically Pass/Fail.
    Full output. Useful for determining what was counted.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the EJP submission system

If you encounter problems with the calculator please email the ApJL office, apjletters at northwestern.edu for help.